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 Crimes Muawiyah God's curse

اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
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عضو فضى
عضو فضى

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تاريخ التسجيل : 06/02/2013

مُساهمةموضوع: Crimes Muawiyah God's curse   الخميس مارس 14, 2013 12:47 pm

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his and calf Faraghm Sharif

Crimes Muawiyah to him God?

God Almighty said: «whoever kills or corruption on earth if he has killed all mankind, and revived if he has saved all mankind» Table 32.

Recall today some of the dreaded killer criminal offenses Muawiyah God curse him, and for the information of the search all sources are sources of books and the Sunnis and the community.

Who killed Maaouiya God curse him:

1 - Hassan bin Ali.

Ibn Abd al-Barr - assimilation (1/115): He said Qatada and Abu Bakr bin Hafs cm Hassan bin Ali (AS) called his wife crumple girl unkempt bin Qais Canadian, said range: it Ptdcis Maaouya them and make them so, and God knows ".
And Tabaraniyy: "Abu Bakr bin Hafs Sa'd al-Hasan ibn Ali (ra) Mata at the time of Mu'awiya (RIP) Veron that feature, book investigator said:" attributed to saying is true. "

2 - Abdul Rahman bin Khalid bin Walid.

Ibn Abdalber - absorption (2/373): "Why would Sid pledge to increase his son, speeches people of Syria and said to them: O people of Syria, he has grown Sunni and near me, I wanted to make an a man be a system to you, but I am a man of you Veroa opinion, Vocefqgua and met, and said: we like Abdul Rahman bin Khalid, Vhq on Sid, and their families in the same, then that Abdul Rahman disease, ordered Maaouya doctor has a Jew - and he had McKenna - that come to him Fasagah سقية kill them, came to Vsagah Vanhriq stomach, died ... and his famous story when people walk and science and effects news Achtsrnaha ".
The Jawzi said: "He had bone like Abdul Rahman bin Khalid bin Walid Baham and money her family to the position of singing about Muslims and the effects of his father even feared Sid and feared for himself of the tendency of people to him LVDS him Adi bin Athal drink poisoned and killed him out and he died in Homs."

3 - Sid Malek Ashtar killed by poison.

Ibn Kathir - the beginning and the end - Part Number: (7) - page number: (346)

- When he walked Ashtar it and ended up Qulzum received Khansar abscess is submitted, provide him food and waiters drink of honey and he died of it, and when he reached that Sid and life and the people of Syria said: The God of soldiers honey.

- It was reported Ibn Jarir in its history: that Sid had to submit to this man in that defraud Ashtar to kill him and his promise to the things he did so in this view, and appreciated his health Vmaawih Istgiz killed Ashtar because of murderers Osman (t), and is intended to be Sid and people Sham they rejoiced with exceeding great joy death Ashtar Nakha'i, and when he reached the top regrets for his courage and his singing, and he wrote to Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr its stability and continuity Egypt Bdiar.


Son Saad - major classes - layers Badrists of supporters

- Ashtar: and his name is Malik bin Harith bin Abdul Yaghuth bin Muslim bin Rabia ibn al-Harith bin Jvema bin Saad bin Malik bin Alnkha of مذحج Roy, for Khalid bin Waleed he hits people on the prayer-afternoon and was Ashtar owners Ali ibn Abi Talib and saw with sentences and whole rows and watch, and otherwise Ali (AS) Egypt went to when he was Arish drinking drinking honey died.


Bukhari - great history - Part Number: (7) - page number: (311)

- Malek Ashtar told me Abdullah bin Mohammed Al, Na: Abdul Razak said: IRNA: Muammar al-Zuhri said: Ali Ashtar prince sent to Egypt until he reached Qlzim drank a drink of honey was killed, said Amr ibn al-Aas: that God soldiers of honey, and sent Ali Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr prince of Egypt.

4 - Sid kills Ammar bin Yasir.

Sahih Bukhari - Jihad and walk - the dust cleared, head for the sake of God - talk: (2657)

-: Ibrahim ibn Musa, told us: Abdul Wahab, told us: Khalid, Ikrimah that Ibn Abbas said to him and Ali bin Abdullah Come both Abu Said Vasamaa Speaking, فأتيناه a brother in the wall for two Asagaana When he saw us came Vaanby and sat down, and said: we will quote milk mosque brick by brick was Ammar transferred to the two daughters of two daughters of Famer Prophet (s) and clear, his dust, and said: ويح Ammar kill the oppressive category Ammar invite them to God and call him to fire.


Sahih Muslim - sedition and the Signs of the time - does not time ... - Modern: (2916)

-: Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaybah, told us: Ismail bin Ibrahim, the son of Aoun, Hassan, from his mother, Umm Salamah said: The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: kill Amara oppressive category.

5 - Sid ordering the killing of Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr and put his body in the belly of a donkey.!

Ibn Abi Shaybah - workbook - Book princes

- Tell us: black bin Amer said: Umar: Jarir bin Hazim said: I heard Muhammad bin Sirin said: sent Ali ibn Abi Talib Qais bin Saad prince of Egypt, he said: He wrote to Muawiyah and Amr ibn al-Aas book Voglza it for him and Stmah and Oaadah, he wrote them a book because envious them and Atmahma in himself, he said: he said: When Atahma book books to the book mention bounty and Atmaana while before them, he wrote them an answer their book first toughen not let anything except what he said, he said, one to the other: not God, what afford We Qais bin Saad, But Come Nmkr it when Ali, said: Fbosa typing the first to Ali, said: He said to him the people of Kufa: the enemy of God Qais bin Saad Vaazlh, Ali said: The judge and I God knows is one of Flath, فأبوا only isolated isolation of, and sent Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr When he presented the Qais bin Saad told him Qais: Look what I command it, if books you Maaouya such and such type to such and such, and if making such and such Vsna well, and beware that contradicts what I have commanded thee do, and God if I look at you if you do have killed then introduced Goff donkey burned with fire, he said: he did so.


Haythami - Zawaa'id - part: (9) - page number: (97)

- Al-Hasan said: Taking reprobate Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr in the people of Coral Egypt, enter in the middle of a donkey and burn, Attabarani trustworthy and his men.

6 - Sid kills stone bin Uday Canadian.

Razak San'aani - workbook - Part: (5) - page number: (273)

- Abdul Razzaq, Muammar, Ayoub, Ibn Sirin said: is Sid kill bin Udai Canadian stone, he said: Stone: Have the Me constraint, or said: iron, and Kvnona to my blood, and my clothes.


Ibn Abi Shaybah Kufi - workbook - part: (3 and 7) - page number: (139 and 606)

- Tell us: Abu Usama from Hisham, Ibn Sirin said: When he was asked about washing martyr happened speech stone bin Adi said: said: Hajar Bin Adi who attended from his family, not wash me blood does not shoot me iron and إدفنوني in my clothes, I met Sid and I Avenue tomorrow.

7 - Maaouya buried Abdul Rahman Anzi alive.!

Ibn Khaldun - Ibn Khaldun - Part: (3) - page number: (13)

- And the sword and Gravely of death does not say what angry Lord killed him and killed six with him are: partner bin Shaddad and summer bin Fadil and Aqbish bin Hanifa and Mehrez Bin Shihab and Cram son Hibbaan and buried them arrived they Abdul Rahman bin Hassan Anzi, Ogi cream bin Alkhtama to Sid asked him innocence Ali remained silent and Astohbh Samra bin Abdullah Alkhtama of Sid, Vohbh him not to enter Kufa came down to Mosul and then asked Abdul Rahman bin Hassan, Ali praised good then, Osman said: the first to open the door of injustice and closed the door right straighten to Ziad to slay the evil killers Vdvenh alive.

8 - killed about thirty thousand in a secret raid bin Ertah Haramain and Yemen!

Perhaps the worst raids Maaouya on Muslim countries in the era of the faithful, raid secret bin Ertah the city, Mecca and Yemen, has been offering to Muawiya said to him: (secret until it passes the city Vatrd people, and lighter than I went through, and Anab money both I got him money who did not was entered in obedience, and Ohm people of the city that you want to themselves, and that Ibrah them have no excuse, and walk until you enter Mecca and do not subject them to a, and terrorized people in between Mecca and Medina, and let them Cheradat, then flashing even come Sanaa, we have the Shiites, has their book came to me! secret came out, and started to not pass district of Arab neighborhoods only doing what his Sid, even gave the city ...). (Yacoubi Date: 2/197).

It atrocities in the raid on Yemen that enchant Muslim women! In comprehension: 1/161: (then sent Maaouya secret bin Ertah to Yemen Vsby Muslim women, market Voqmn)!! (Completion of the Al-Khatib 28, and end profits p 4419).

In raids for Hagafi PO 640: that Bsra said to Muawiya after returning from his criminal mission:

(Thank God, O Commander of the Faithful, I walked in this army kill your enemy was going Jaúaa, not afflicts man whom calamity, said Muawiya: God has done so not you!! Was killed mystery in his face that thirty thousand burning folk fire! Said over'm conveyer :

Attached of ماقد names attached to such longing read its visor

To where one secret marched with his army, killing the mystery of what could and burned

Then he mentioned Thaqafi to graduate, called the secret bin Abi Ertah said: (O Allah Bsra sold his religion Bdnaah and violated mahrams, and was obedient creature licentious preferred him than you! Oh no Temth even تسلبه mind! O Allah, curse Muawiya and older and Bsra, but is afraid of these recycled ?! .... then when he saw the mystery was babbling and calls the sword Vatakz his wooden sword, if called by the sword I give the sword Wood pitched even knocked him out, if woke his request, he may give him Faisna like it! until he died not God's mercy)!

In the end, we conclude the words of Almighty God: whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath of God upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him} women: 93.

May Allah Muawiyah offender dreaded killer of Muslims and believers and noble Companions venerable and murderer respectable; and cursed God Naasibis and Wahhabism companions who Atradwn on this deadly criminal day and night; and crammed God with Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan for his God in the nadir of the fire of hell.

Bashar Arabiei
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Crimes Muawiyah God's curse
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