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 Clairvoyant German Professor Peter Schott

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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Clairvoyant German Professor Peter Schott

Full Name: Peter Schott (Peter Schütt)
Country: Germany
Date and place of birth: 1939 Germany
Academic Rank: Doctor of Philosophy

Dialogue one of the brothers in Germany with Dr. clairvoyant German Professor Peter Schott .. And spins centered about the pilgrimage ..
Name: Peter Schott
Previous Religion: Catholic
Converted to Islam in 1991 on the doctrine of household customers peace and blessings be on them
Education: Doctor of Philosophy
University professor and a member of the Federal Writers' Union of Germany
His exceed thirty books in various arts philosophy printed and manuscript
The meeting centered primarily on pilgrimage .. But it also includes a brief story of clairvoyance Professor Peter Schott.


● In the Hajj season where millions of Muslims travel to Mecca to perform this duty, a lot of non-Muslims wonder about the philosophy of Hajj and its significance, what is your answer to these questions
- Rite of Hajj is the greatest rites performed by Muslim rights, which on the whole have an impact on the human psyche. In Hajj finds Muslim himself, and goes back to the origin, as due to the Lord who created, and thus have found God and of his grandfather Almighty has found himself and approached to understand the mystery of existence as a human being, then Hajj is a journey toward self-discovery, helping man in determine its path and direction
● you will you in the Holy Land Ten years ago, as I read in one of your articles, my question is: What do you feel when you enter the mosque for the first time?
- It was a moment Hmokh, I have a sense of me happiness can not be described. And if the sky tenderly bent toward the ground. I felt embrace of divine mercy to me in the world of the kingdom, and if I live my own معراجا. It is exactly a caring touch from the hand of heaven tapped into شغاف my heart.
● Rite stand on Mount Arafat is considered one of the rituals of Hajj, how did you find this ritual?
- Was for me an amazing feeling .. And if the snow came down suddenly in the middle of the desert or if the ground was filled with white flowers blooming, he was to meet with the sky. Do not feel like you are surrounded by human beings, but my feeling was as if I were surrounded by angels from all sides.
● pilgrimage is a symbol of unity, and of its goals the development of a sense among Muslims of the importance of Islamic unity, but with deep regret that we can not deny the difference between Muslims, provided by the pilgrimage, from your point of view in this aspect?
- We know that many Islamic difference of up to 72 school of thought, or cultural, are of different countries and the United. They come to the pilgrimage of the corners of the earth, from Morocco, Indonesia and the United States, Europe and South Africa, but they agree on one point, a pilgrimage. I like Ajtmahm meeting one family in a large family celebration, at Hajj improved Bank between Muslim brothers and sisters, so whenever Muslims focused on supporting and facilitating this filament .. And make it the center of life for the Muslim man, therefore it will be enhanced and enlarged the concept of Islamic unity in the hearts of Muslims and less sense to have the distinction that overwhelm them now, because of the difference and pluralism that already exist in Islam.
● I have written a lot of books and talk about the story of your life, in one of these books Ttrguetm to Islam and Mecca. Can you tell us about the content of those writings?
- Yes, in my book, which I have called the "city of Bazibak things to Moscow and then to Mecca" wrote about the march of my life,
And more precisely for (personal pilgrimage).
I was born in a very small village does not exceed population percent people in the province of Neder Elbe, were I was born immediately after World War, and were not cars have entered our village after but we were still using carts Power, but he was something strange is that in our village there was Some Indian soldiers and Pakistanis, were among the forces that dominated the region in the post-war period, I was watching some while performing ritual prayers that sparked my curiosity is very severe when I was a kid, and since then I can say that trip my research on religion has begun, in the post-I got to know some of the Iranian students who came to Germany for the purpose of the study, and had met through them a lot about Islam, has been a strong political movement at the time .. And I remember that I had participated with them in one Almdahirat against the visit of the Shah to Germany, as that my PhD was about Dramyat Andreas Krevius, a novelist German lived in the eighteenth century, one of his novels drama called "Katharina von Georgia" and the hero of this novel was " Shah Abbas "The novel is set in Isfahan. Was an exciting novel made me care more and more about Islam and Islamic culture. And then choose for myself a longer route through the fiduciary of the Communist Party German, and had my activity where great, then I went to Moscow and there was my thinking is increasing day on Tugeati, and there I decided to convert to Islam, and then I met more on Iran and I was able to get the invitation to establish a rite of Hajj. This brief is a journey of my life, which I wrote in my book.
● Some criticize say you entered Islam after marrying a woman Iranian, what do you say to them?
- Are undoubtedly dreaming. I converted to Islam before marrying much, not my marriage is the cause of Islamist never, I've cut a path is too long to be reached this change, and the beginning was when I moved from the Protestant doctrine to Catholic, where was the first change and move away from the debt inherited from the father and mother , and since then my footsteps were approaching more and more to Islam .. فكلام critics totally free.
● Allow me to stay in your past Dear Professor, you said you had entered communism and then converted to Islam, but Communism and Islam theories different from each other, what do you say to that?
- Yes I walked in a long road that got to what I am, then I did not notice a difference in the theories of communism or Islamic, emotionally I considered myself part of the third world, and I've been consistent with Islam in the nature of a vulnerable editing .. So since then I is politically Muslim ideas, at that time I did not felt that there is a difference between Islam and communism, came to be the day that I was invited to the hospitality Mufti Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan), who was an agent of the intelligence Soviet time, would have been traffic that experience necessary to discover the truth, and after that I thought ignorance of Islam and communism are the same, because the theories call for freedom and justice, I discovered that Islam invited to take justice in this world and in the world after death, while the Communists they were eager Only justice in this world and returned religion fully, and was one of the biggest mistakes I followed that line atheism that has not reality it alone, but many of those who grew up in that era in the whole world and not only in Germany but, in Turkey and a lot of Muslim countries was Communist influence thought and clear them.
● Twenty years have passed on Aatnaqk Islam, what is your impression of these years??
- Yes, you know what happened in the world after the events of eleventh of September, the event widened the gap a lot in Islam dialogue with the West, has restored those brutal events, the image of Islam to the minds of the general public in the West, which is difficult and often held the recognition process Islam, but I hope, that it will return flexibility of the interface and is exceeded this matter, Islam, in my view, a coherent and influential on the fighting in Aguarh, and I think that dialogues and initiatives taking place within the Muslim community itself, and ideological conflict and Almanadharat between Muslims themselves, holds great importance and helps published on the spread of Islam to the outside, and as we see that Islam has become in Europe one of the most important themes in a lot of discussion forums, and no one can deny the Islamic Iiother Europe.
● Allow me to my final question to be back axis conversation original about the pilgrimage, to ask you about the ritual last a rite slaughtering the sacrifice, that is where the animal slaughter, a lot of non-Muslims criticize and ask about the significance of the slaughtering process, what is your view about this ritual ?
- Regardless of slaughter animals themselves and criticizing them, we first have to understand the wisdom of providing this sacrifice, wisdom which is our willingness We as human beings to sacrifice for the sake of God, just Castaadad Prophet Ibrahim to provide his son Ismail, proximity to God, and to Laqturab knowledge of mercy Almighty, we must be willing to sacrifice for the sake of God, we must loot our love and our souls and our hearts to God, I think that this feeling is the wisdom of the process of slaughtering the sacrifice, and if given us God all these things, there is no doubt and no doubt he Sajazana reward thanks God willing.
Bashar al-Rubaie
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Clairvoyant German Professor Peter Schott
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